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ElriBird: Best Hotel Amenities Manufacturer in Gurgaon

For anything pertaining to hotel amenities, ElriBird is the place to go. Primarily, we focus on the comfort and luxury of your visitors. Hailed as the best hotel amenities manufacturer in Gurgaon, we are committed to improving your guests’ experience. To guarantee that every stay is relaxing and remarkable, we offer premium goods as the top hotel equipment dealers in Gurgaon.

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Our Products

To satisfy all of your needs and help you create a warm and comfortable space for your visitors, we as the best hotel amenities manufacturer in Gurgaon provide an extensive selection of amenities.

Soap Dispenser

Soap Dispenser

Invest in our high-quality soap dispensers to maintain hygienic conditions and cleanliness in your guest bathrooms.

Electric Safe Locker

Ensuring the safety and comfort of your guests throughout their stay is crucial.

Hair Dryer

With our salon-caliber hair dryers, you can let your guests effortlessly maintain their style.

Electric Kettle with Tray

In-room tea and coffee amenities can help create comfortable atmosphere.

Room Dustbin

Utilise our robust and fashionable dustbins to keep guest rooms neat and orderly.

Iron Board

Offering in-room ironing facilities will make your guests' stay more convenient.

Hotel Intercom Phones

Maintain effective lines of communication between visitors and employees.

Housekeeping Trolley

Provide effective and well-built carts to your housekeeping staff so they can accomplish their everyday duties.

Luggage Cart

With our durable baggage trolleys, guests can move their bags more easily.

Cloth Liner

High-quality cloth liners will help you keep your hotel rooms clean.

Magnifying Mirror

Utilise magnifying mirrors to enhance your guests' grooming experience.

Coffee Machine

Our cutting-edge coffee equipment provides a high-end coffee experience.

Weighing Machine

Weighing devices in the rooms can assist visitors in keeping track of their fitness objectives and luggage weight.

Washroom Automation

Hand Dryer

Dry hands quickly and hygienically using efficient hand dryers.

Paper Dispenser

Dispensers for paper goods to keep your restrooms stocked.

Baby Changing Station

Your family-friendly facilities can benefit from handy and safe baby changing stations.

Why Choose Us?

Numerous advantages come up when you select us as one of the top hotel equipment dealers in Gurgaon. Partnering with us is ideal because of our commitment to exceeding your expectations.

  1. Assurance of Quality
    We ensure to manufacture our products to meet the client requirement with the assurance of the quality.
  2. Numerous Choices
    You can choose the hotel supplies that complement your establishment thanks to our wide selection of products. We serve many different kinds and styles of hotels.
  3. Affordable Prices
    We provide affordable solutions without sacrificing quality.
  4. Solid Support
    You can rely on us for punctual deliveries and reliable assistance that puts your needs first.
  5. Individualised Approaches
    From marketing to item selection, we customise all our solutions to fit your unique requirements.


1. How can I be sure of the product qualities from Elri Bird?

We are one of the top hotel equipment dealers in Gurgaon and have the motto of providing nothing but the best hotel amenities.

2. Can I get all types of room amenities from Elri Bird?

You'll be spoiled for choice with ElriBird's range of hotel amenities. We can assist you with anything you require for your establishment.

3. Can I anticipate assistance from your end in choosing the appropriate products?

Being the best hotel amenities manufacturer in Gurgaon, our prompt customer service team will walk the extra mile and pick just the right hotel amenities for your establishment.

4. Is there a chance of going overboard while purchasing hotel amenities?

At Elri Bird, every product is fairly priced. If you want quality products at an affordable rate, you will find everything under one umbrella.

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