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Elri Bird: Your Reliable Hotel Amenities Suppliers in Goa

Elri Bird is your ultimate stop for all your hotel amenities. With a heartfelt focus on your guests' comfort and luxury, we can surely claim that we are one of the best hotel amenities suppliers in Goa. Our wide selection of products showcases our dedication to enhancing the overall guest experience. We offer top-notch products and exceptional hotel equipment, making each stay comfortable and unforgettable.

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Diverse Services for Your Hotel's Needs:

As one of the premier hotel equipment suppliers in Goa, we provide an array of hotel supplies that are designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Our offerings include:

Hotel Essentials

Soap Dispenser

Soap Dispenser

Maintain bathroom cleanliness with our soap dispensers. Trust us for creating a hygienic experience.

Electric Safe Locker

You can rely on our electronic lockers to securely store your guests' valuable belongings. Rest assured that their possessions are safe and protected.

Hair Dryer

Our professional-grade hair dryers make it easy for your guests to effortlessly style their hair.

Electric Kettle with Tray

Enhance in-room comfort with electric kettles and trays for tea and coffee.

Room Dustbin

Keep the rooms tidy and clean with stylish and durable room dustbins from Elri bird, your trusted hotel equipment suppliers in Goa.

Iron Board

Provide in-room ironing facilities for guest convenience and ensure wrinkle-free clothing.

Hotel Intercom Phones

Create seamless communication with our hotel intercom phones, and ensure smooth guest-staff interactions.

Housekeeping Trolley

Increase housekeeping efficiency with our well-designed trolleys are perfect for your housekeeping team.

Luggage Cart

Increase the guest's convenience with our sturdy luggage carts and make luggage transport a breeze.

Cloth Liner

Utilize high-quality cloth liners from us as we are one of your favourite hotel amenities suppliers in Goa to maintain cleanliness in your rooms.

Magnifying Mirror

Enhance the grooming facilities by providing magnifying mirrors for a better guest experience.

Coffee Machine

Delight guests with state-of-the-art coffee machines.

Weighing Machine

Help guests with weighing machines in their rooms.

Modern Washroom Solutions:

Elevate your facilities with washroom automation options provided by ElriBird, one of the leading hotel amenities supplier in Goa:

Hand Dryer

Our hand dryers ensure hygienic and quick hand drying.

Paper Dispenser

Keep your facilities equipped and well-stocked with our paper dispensers.

Baby Changing Station

Provide safe and convenient baby changing stations.

Why Partner with Us:

As one of the leading hotel equipment suppliers in Goa, we believe in delivering quality and comfort. Our commitment to exceeding your expectations and ensuring excellence for your business makes us the perfect choice for your needs:

  • Unwavering Quality
    Quality is our foremost concern in our manufacturing units. You will only receive products that have passed the most stringent testing and quality checks.
  • Abundant Choices
    Our extensive product range allows you to handpick the amenities that best match your establishment’s character. We cater to a wide variety of hotel types and styles.
  • Competitive Pricing
    We provide cost-effective solutions while upholding the highest standards of quality.
  • Reliable Support
    You can rely on us as we are one of the best hotel equipment suppliers in Goa for punctual deliveries and dependable service, always prioritizing your satisfaction.


Do you cater to different types of hotels and styles?

Absolutely, we are one of the best hotel equipment suppliers in Goa suitable for a wide array of hotel types and styles, so you can find products that match your establishment's character.

Can you assist with product selection to ensure we choose the right amenities for our hotel?

Certainly, our team of seasoned experts is here to offer advice and assist you. They will help you choose the most suitable amenities for your hotel's requirements.

Is your pricing competitive while maintaining quality?

Yes, we provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality you and your guests deserve.

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