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Elevate Operational Efficiency with Elribird’s Housekeeping Trolleys

Make maintenance a breeze with Elribird’s premium housekeeping trolleys. As the leading hotel housekeeping trolley suppliers in India, we aim to help you with organization and efficiency. Have any queries? Reach Out to Us at +91 9574764666

Our Premium Range of Hotel Housekeeping Trolleys

Choose from a wide range of our housekeeping trolleys for hotels.


Housekeeping Trolley Cart with Waste Bin in Gray.

Product Code: EBHT0004

Multifunction Housekeeping Cart in Gray.

Product Code: EBHT0005

Metal Housekeeping Trolley Brown.

Product Code: EBHT0006

Housekeeping Trolley With Doors.

Product Code: EBHT0007

Housekeeping Trolley Cart with Waste Bin in Gray.

Product Code: EBHT0008

SS Steel Laundry Trolley Cart.

Product Code: EBLT0009

Linen Trolley Cart

Product Code: EBLT0041

Housekeeping Trolley Cart with Waste Bin in Gray.

Product Code: EBLT0021

SS Steel Laundry Trolley Cart.

Product Code: EBLT0009

Metal Housekeeping Trolley Brown.

Product Code: EBLT0041

Housekeeping Trolley Cart with Waste Bin (Gray)

This Hotel trolley cart provides space for all your cleaning tools. Its dimensions are:

  • 1400mm length
  • 460mm width
  • 1120mm height

Its stainless steel body makes it highly durable.

Our trolley cart is ideal for:

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Offices
  • Airports
  • Gyms

Multifunctional Housekeeping Cart in Gray

This cart is made from stainless steel. It is equipped with smooth-rolling wheels. It offers spacious storage options. This durable and professional trolley cart with ample storage has everything that your housekeeping staff needs within easy reach.

Metal Housekeeping Trolley (Brown)

This sophisticated trolley cart is a great addition to your establishment. You can take all supplies with you on your rounds. Your staff will have everything they need within arm’s reach.

Housekeeping Trolley with Doors

As a hotel housekeeping trolley supplier, we prioritize safety. So, our trolley carts come with lockable doors. These ensure that your valuable items are safe from break-ins. Their stainless steel body also makes them very durable.

Product Description

Elribird’s housekeeping trolleys are a useful addition to your establishment.

  • These aesthetic pieces can fit into any décor.
  • Their compact design means they can unobtrusively blend into the background.
  • Our trolley carts are very spacious, able to fit in a large number of housekeeping supplies.
  • These are fitted with wheels that allow easy rolling, making housekeeping a breeze for your staff.
  • We manufacture our housekeeping trolleys with the highest standards for quality. These are extensively product tested.
  • We only use the most durable materials to build our trolley carts. You will get a great return on investment.

Product Use

As the leaders among hotel housekeeping trolley suppliers, we at Elribird ensure that our clients get only the best products from us.

  • Our housekeeping trolleys are suitable for use in hotels, airports, and shopping malls.
  • You can discreetly conduct all housekeeping operations without bothering the guests.
  • These trolley carts double up as storage. Keep away the supplies for regular use within their spacious interior.

Why Choose Us?

We are the choice of housekeeping trolley supplier for hotels for establishments around the country. Here’s why.

  • High-Quality Standards

As a premium hotel housekeeping trolley supplier, we take great pride in our products. We send out items only after extensively testing them.

  • Variety of Products

Every business is unique. Our range of housekeeping trolleys are designed to cater to different requirements.

  • Pocket-friendly Prices

Our aim is to make hotel supplies accessible. Our housekeeping trolley prices are highly competitive.

  • Pan India Delivery

We deliver our housekeeping trolleys across India. We prioritise timely service.

  • End-to-End Customer Support

We are concerned with more than selling the product. We offer assistance before and after sales.



Will your hotel housekeeping trolleys fit our specific space and design preferences?

Absolutely! As leading hotel housekeeping trolley suppliers, we understand the importance of a tailored solution. Our trolleys are spacious. They can fit into any aesthetic.

Do you deliver your housekeeping trolley to remote locations?

Yes, we do deliver our products pan-India timely with efficient service.

How can I place an order with you?

This is a very easy process. We have the contact details of our sales team in the website. They will guide you through the ordering process.

Can your trolleys accommodate different cleaning equipment and supplies?

Yes, our housekeeping trolleys are versatile. They feature ample storage space and compartments. Your housekeeping staff can organize and carry various cleaning equipment and amenities efficiently.

What is the estimated delivery time?

Our timelines depend on your location and product selection. We strive for prompt delivery and will estimate your delivery date when you place your order.

What sets you as a housekeeping trolleys supplier for hotels apart from other suppliers in the market?

Our trolleys stand out due to their combination of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

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