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Give Your Hotel that Extra Edge with India’s Premier Shoe Polish Machine Supplier

Do you host a lot of businesspersons in your hotel? Is it the top choice of brands for hosting events and work trips? Then give your guests the ability to stay groomed from top to toe. Partner with Elribird, the premier shoe polish machine supplier for hotels in India.

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Get Premium Shoe Polish Machines from India’s Premier Hotel Amenities Supplier

At Elribird, we manufacture and supply a wide range of shoe polish machines. Check out our collection here:


Automatic Shoe Shining Machine.

This gold-coloured shoe polish machine with a red inlay is extremely classy in appearance. It adds a touch of opulence to your hotel. This highly durable machine is made of wood and stainless steel. It is fully automatic. It comes with a rotational speed of 1400 RPM. The high quality, thick brushes ensure even spreading of polish cream on to your shoes. It can attend to black and brown shoes.

Sensor Silver Shoe Polish Machine.

This fully automatic shoe polish machine comes in a matte silver. It has a rotational speed of 1400 RPM, and can polish black and brown shoes. This fully automatic machine is made of wood and stainless steel, and comes with a 150 ML polish capacity. It is equipped with high quality brushes that can cater to a large bumber of uses before needing to be replaced.

Sensor Start Shoe Polish Machine.

This shoe polish machine from Elribird is equipped with luxurious brushes that can cater to a large number of guests without being worn out. Specially designed for black and brown shoes, this shoe shiner is perfect for your corporate guests. The automatic sensor works without any human intervention, applying the perfect amount of shoe cream every time. The stainless steel and wood body is eye-catching, and seamlessly blends into classy furnishings.

Hair Dryer

Product Description:

At Elribird, we make sure that our shoe polish machines are top-of-the-line. We follow stringent quality checks in all our manufacturing units, and no product sees the light of day unless it is absolutely perfect.

Our shoe polish machines are excellent in both quality and appearance. Their classy design allows them to seamlessly blend into any décor- from minimal to opulent.

These machines are all fully automatic, so you don’t have to worry about hiring extra personnel.

With a 150 ML polish fluid capacity, these machines can cater to many, many guests in a single day without requiring a top-up.

Product Use: 

The shoe shine machines from Elribird are designed for customer comfort and satisfaction.

  • Your guests can stay on top of their appearance with a pair of shiny shoes.
  • The fully automatic system means you do not have the hassle of hiring anyone to monitor it.
  • Our shoe polish machines are equipped with sensors, guaranteeing auto start and cut-off.
  • It is programmed to deliver just the right amount of polish cream, ensuring a smooth and shiny finish every time.

Why Choose Us:

Elribird is the top shoe polish machine supplier for hotels in the country, and with good reason.

  • Great Product Quality: We manufacture our shoe polish machines with quality in mind. All our machines are rigorously tested and only then rolled out in the market.
  • Excellent Range:We boast a wide collection of shoe shine machines. Their sleek designs and advanced technology make them perfect for high end establishments.
  • Affordable Prices: At Elribird, we believe that quality should not break the bank. So, our shoe polish machine prices are highly competitive.
  • Super-fast Delivery: The success of a business is time-sensitive. We always strive to reach you with our shoe shine machines as fast as possible. With us, there is no unnecessary waiting.
  • Responsive Customer Support:
    No matter what your query is, our friendly service reps are here to help you. We provide support from before the sale starts to after it ends. We are available anytime.
  • India-wide Delivery:
    India’s vast landscape offers endless opportunities for hotel owners. No matter where you are, Elribird will come to you with top-quality shoe polish machines. Order away!


Currently, we do not provide shoe polish cream with our shoe shine machines. You can use any cream of your choice. We would recommend using high quality creams for the best results.

At Elribird, India’s leading shoe polish machine supplier for hotels, we ensue that everyone is able to use our products. So, our shoe shine machines do not require any particular brand of cream. You can use your favorite shoe polish cream and it will work just as fine.

Our shoe polish machines are designed for black and brown shoes only. If the shoe is made from leather or a material similar in texture, use the creams. If it is made of fabric or suede, it is best to go for a dry brushing.

At Elribird, the leading shoe polish machine supplier in India, we take pride in our end-to-end support. This continues even after the sale has taken place. If you face any kind of issues with the machine, reach out to us. Our customer support reps will be happy to assist you!

The shoe shine machines from Elribird are compact in size. They can fit into the lobby of smaller establishments without getting in the way at all.

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