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Paper Dispensers supplier for Hotels

Specialized supplier of paper dispensers tailored for the hospitality industry, providing hotels with premium and efficient solutions for their paper dispensing needs.

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Our ABS Wall Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser

Designed with smart technologies and excellent features, our paper towel dispenser systems are a fantastic addition to your hotel kitchens and restrooms. It ensures hygiene, averts the threats of cross-contamination, and keeps a check on the safety and well-being of the guests. To get your paper towel dispensers for hotels, order online or via our distributor or supplier today!

Product Description:

At ElriBird, we host two different paper towel dispenser machines:
ABS Paper Dispenser in Black and Wall Mounted ABS Paper Dispenser. Both blend well with your classy hotel interior decoration and, at the same time, maintain cleanliness. The non-touch facility prevents bacteria and virus transmissions, sustaining a healthy ambiance inside your hotel premises. 


ABS Paper Dispenser In Black.

Made with robust and hard-wearing ABD material, our paper towel dispenser can hold up to 300 m and z-fold tissues and 450 multi-fold tissues and paper towels. The sleek design, compact size, and jet-black finish make it super eye-catching, elevating the look and feel of your hotel kitchen and restrooms. It’s easy to refill, keeps paper towels clean, hygienic, and germ-free, and provides convenience to the guests by dispensing tissues automatically.

Wall Mounted ABS Paper Dispenser.

Crafted with premium-grade ABS material, our Wall Mounted ABS paper dispensers for hotels are highly durable and can withstand general wear and tear. The sleek white finish adds grace to your hotel decor, complementing its modern architectural features. It can hold up to 450 multi-fold tissues and paper towels, keeping them clean and germ-free. Introduce it into your hotel rooms today to ensure comfort and convenience to the guests.

ABS Paper Dispenser In Black.

Product Code: EBPD0001

ABS Paper Dispenser In Black.

Product Code: EBPD0001

Product Use

  • Drying hands: With paper dispensers supplier for hotels, your guests can get easy and touch-free access to paper tissues to clean and dry their hands conveniently.
  • Removing makeup: Apart from cleaning and drying hands, our paper towel dispenser can also help your guests with easy makeup removal.
  • Cleaning Spills and wiping surfaces: Your staff members can swiftly get a paper towel from the tissue dispensers to clean up spills and wipe surfaces instantly.

Why Choose Us?

Voted as a reliable paper towel dispenser supplier in India, we at ElriBird offer you innovative and smart paper dispensers for hotels that ensure a contactless hand cleaning and drying experience for your guests. We mainly host two variants of towel dispensers, and each of them is durable, weather-resistant, easy to use, and keeps the value of your money. Our team ensures quick delivery and good customer support. Contact us today to place your orders.


  1. Is a paper towel dispenser safe to use at hotels as well as in common washroom?
    A paper towel dispenser dispenses papers automatically without the need for touching or pressing any button. These paper towel dispensing tools support healthy sanitary habits and prevent the spread of contagious diseases, making them a great addition to hotel restrooms and kitchens.
  2. How to refill the paper towels inside the dispenser?
    Our paper towel dispenser is designed to be easy to refill. First of all, you will receive an alert from the smart device when the old roll is about to empty. You just need to open the dispenser cover, replace the empty roll, and close it back.
  3. What benefits can my guests relish with a paper towel dispenser?
    By installing paper towel dispensers beside the sinks of your hotel restrooms, you can ensure the convenience of touch-free paper towel dispensing to your guests, and foster hygiene and better guest experience.
  4. How many paper towel dispensers do I need for my entire hotel?
    To ensure there are adequate paper towel dispensers in your hotel, count the number of sinks on the entire premises and install one dispenser for every two to three sinks.
  5. How many paper towels can your dispenser machine hold at once?
    You can store 300 m and z-fold towel papers and a total of 450 multi-fold tissues in our paper towel dispenser at once.
  6. What to look for in a paper towel dispenser?
    When purchasing a paper towel dispensers for hotels, check whether it has a large capacity to avoid frequent refilling needs, is completely contactless, and is made with sturdy materials.
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