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Luggage Cart supplier For Hotels

Elevate Guest Services with Our Premium Luggage Cart Supplier for Hotels. Enhance the Arrival Experience with Quality and Style.

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Our Luggage Cart For Hotels.

Renowned as the best luggage cart supplier, we at ElriBird, present you with high-quality, corrosion-resistant, sturdy, and stunning luggage cart that you can use in your hotels, allowing your staff members to easily carry the luggage of your guests to their rooms. Our luggage cart trolley is affordable and keeps the value of your investment. Choose the one that fits your hotel and order online or via our distributor or supplier today!

Product Description:

We primarily host two different types of luggage cart for hotels: Gold Luggage Cart and Luggage Cart Trolley, each having its perks and facilities.


Gold Luggage Cart.

The gold luggage cart is crafted with high-quality titanium/stainless steel that is durable and stays intact everlastingly. It’s foldable, and portable, and comes with a sleek design, large capacity, and smooth wheels, adding a touch of royalty and elegance to your hotel environment.

Luggage Cart Trolley.

The Gold Trolley Luggage Cart is made with stainless steel materials, ensuring longevity. Its modern and stylish appearance adds a touch of grace and elegance to your hotel rooms, capturing the attention of your guests. The gorgeous gold finish, smooth wheels, non-slip surface, and large capacity: each and everything about the luggage cart trolley deserves appreciation.

L Shape Luggage Trolley Cart.

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Product Use

  • Loading, unloading, and transporting luggage: Luggage carts are mainly used to load, unload, and transport the luggage of the guests, ensuring easy check-in and check-out.
  • Storing luggage for a temporary time being: If your hotel guests check in or check out early, you can use our luggage carts to store their luggage for a temporary time frame.
  • Making heavy luggage more accessible: Manually carrying heavy luggage can drain out the energy of your hotel attendants, however, by embedding our luggage cart trolley, they can effortlessly pull or push luggage and heavy items.

Why Choose Us?

At ElriBird, we are dedicated to offering you quality and they are best luggage cart Supplier for hotels at a reasonable price range. choice. Additionally, the premium look of our luggage cart blends well with your classy hotel interior, ensuring a luxury vibe.


Luggage cart trolleys increase the efficiency of the check-in and check-out process by transporting guest luggage conveniently. Besides improving the guest experience, these trolleys cut off the need for additional staff members, saving labor costs.

When choosing a luggage cart for hotels, always consider getting it from ElriBird. The sleek design, gold finish, robustness, and high weight capacity of our luggage carts and luggage trolleys make them one-of-the-kind, ensuring value for your investment.

The storage capacity of a luggage cart depends on its size and sturdiness. Typically our luggage cart can take a load of 60 kg and more, which is adequate for guests travelling solo or in groups.

To ensure that there is no shortage of luggage carts in your hotel room, make sure to have two luggage carts for the first 50 rooms, and one luggage cart for the rest.

Since a luggage cart trolley is used daily, dust or dirt does not generally accumulate in it. And when you are using our stainless carts, you do not need to put effort into its maintenance at all. Just clean it when there a signs of stains or dirt patches to avoid permanent damage.

As long as you are using our luggage cart trolleys, we can say that they are safe to use in your hotel rooms. The built quality of our trolleys is supreme and the material is stainless. So, the luggage of your guests will stay untouched when stored in our carts.

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