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Convenient Baby Changing Stations in India.

We understand the importance of providing clean and comfortable spaces for parents to change their little ones. Whether you're a parent on the go, a business owner, or a facility manager, our baby changing stations cater to your needs.

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Commercial Baby Changing Station.

India's Baby Changing Station Supplier - EBCS0001

25kg HDPE Baby Changing Station.

Product Code: EBCS0001

20kg Baby Safety Seat Wall Mounted.

Product Code: EBCS0002

Digital Safe Locker

Hair Dryer

Frequently Asked Questions.

About Our Baby Changing Staion.

A baby changing station is a specially designed table or platform equipped with essential features like a diaper dispenser, sanitary disposal, and safety straps. It provides a clean and safe space for parents to change their baby's diapers while on the go.

Baby changing stations offer convenience and hygiene for both parents and babies. They are essential in public restrooms, malls, airports, and other high-traffic areas, ensuring a comfortable diaper changing experience.

Yes, baby changing stations are designed with safety in mind. They typically feature safety straps to secure your baby during the changing process. Always use the provided safety features and never leave your baby unattended(Alone).

By choosing a ElriBird baby changing station, consider features such as a sturdy construction, easy-to-clean surface, safety straps, a diaper dispenser, and a sanitary disposal unit. These features ensure a convenient and hygienic experience.

We understand that young parents and those with newborns may feel overwhelmed. Our user manuals provide step-by-step instructions for using our fold-down baby changing stations, ensuring a stress-free experience.

Users should never turn their back while the baby is on the changing table. They should adjust the waist strap securely but not too tightly around the baby's middle. Ensure that snap-lock buckles are securely fastened before changing the infant.

Yes, our products makes them easy to clean, and their design is resistant to vandalism. This makes them a practical investment for any public washroom facility.

Our Baby changing stations are designed to be easy to install. Any baby changing unit you purchase will come with a full set of installation and operator instructions.

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