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Best Cloth Liner Supplier in India for Hotels

Elevate Linen Management: India's Best Cloth Liner Supplier for Hotels. Discover Quality Solutions for Enhanced Hospitality.

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Our Retractable Cloth Liner

Renowned as the best cloth liner supplier in India, we at Elribird are dedicated to adding a touch of elegance to your hotel rooms with our innovative retractable cloth liner replacing the old-styled, space-hogging ones. Our super sleek and functional cloth liners are designed to fit any limited space, including restrooms and laundry rooms precisely without creating a cluttered or messy environment inside the premises.

Manufactured with refined materials, our cloth liners are rust-resistant, hard-wearing, and a valuable investment for your hotel. So, what’s holding you back? Order our retractable cloth liners online or via our distributor or supplier right away!

Cloth Liner Stainless Steel For Hotels EBCL0001

Retractable Cloth Liner.

Product Code: EBCL0001

Retractable Cloth Liner.

Product Code: EBCL0001

Retractable Cloth Liner.

Product Code: EBCL0001

Retractable Cloth Liner.

Product Code: EBCL0001

Product Description

When it comes to choosing the best retractable cloth liner from the best cloth liner supplier in India for hotels, our Silver Stainless Steel Round Cloth Liner is your go-to choice. Crafted with high-quality 304 stainless steel & brass material, the cloth liner is corrosion-free, has a space-saving design, and can hold around 6 to 7 Kg in one go!

The rope can be extended up to 8 feet long and retracts easily with just a simple pull, maximizing space when the liner is not in use. The sleek and compact design of the liner smoothly blends with your hotel’s interior décor, making it a top-notch addition to any room. Moreover, our cloth liner comes with eco-friendly and recyclable linen bags, sustaining a greener future.

Product Use

Our discreet, elegant, and highly functional cloth liner has multi-purpose uses, including: 

  • Drying Clothes: The adjustable and retractable cloth liners from us, the best cloth loner supplier in India, are flexible and easy to use. You can rest assured that housekeeping will become a breeze with these.
  • Hanging Towels and Wet Bathsuits:By mounting a cloth liner near the swimming pool of your hotel, you can allow your guests to hang wet bathsuits and towels with ease. 

Store Clothes that are for laundry: When the space is limited, a retractable cloth liner can be used to store clothes that your guests sorted out for laundry. 

Why Choose Us?

As the best cloth liner supplier in India, our manufacturing units ensure quality in functionality, work mechanism, design, and material. The minimalistic design and gleaming finish of our cloth liners amplify the beauty of your hotel, offering convenience to your guests. 

We also make sure that the price of our Silver Stainless Steel Round Cloth Liner remains reasonable.

Besides, our product comes with a prolonged warranty period, and if any malfunction occurs within the period, we take it upon us to replace it.


  1. How does a retractable cloth liner function?
    After mounting the cloth liner in your hotel area, pull the rope to the length you need (up to 8 feet). Then dry your clothes and release the rope, it will neatly retract to the case automatically.

  2. What is the load capacity of your cloth liner?
    Made with premium-grade stainless steel, our retractable cloth liners are highly durable. It can hold heavy clothing materials hassle-free, like coats, jackets, and even quilts!

  3. How can I mount a cloth liner in my hotel’s laundry room?
    Using wall plugs and screws is the best and most secure way to mount our cloth liner to your hotel. Just screw the mounting bracks on your desired walls using wall plugs and screws, and there you go!

  4. Which material is best for a cloth liner?
    Stainless steel material is the best choice for cloth liners, that’s why we use the same for manufacturing our liners. Stainless steel is a robust material that lasts really long; also it’s free from the risks of corrosion.

  5. Does your cloth liner need high maintenance?
    Not at all, since it’s rust-resistant, you do not need to put hard effort into maintaining the liners. Simply wiping its surface routinely with a soft textured cloth is enough to retain its shine and gloss.

  6. Why should I buy a retractable cloth liner?
    There is more than one reason to buy and integrate cloth liners into your hotel rooms. First of all, it has a compact and space-saving design so your guests can dry clothes easily without cluttering the space. Also, the rope extends up to 8 feet, giving your guests ample space to dry clothes hassle-free.

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