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Best Magnifying Mirror Supplier for Hotel

Elevate Hotel Elegance: Your Ultimate Source for the Best Magnifying Mirror Supplier. Enhance Guest Experiences with Premium Quality and Style.

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Our Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirror Product Range.


Round Magnifying Mirror Wall Mounted

Product Code: EBMR0001

Wall Mounted Brass Magnifying Mirror 5x.

Product Code: EBMR0007

5x Magnifying Mirror With Led Light.

Product Code: EBMR0008

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Our Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirror Product Range

We at ElriBird equip you with the best magnifying mirror with light that can instantly change the vibe of your hotel room with its wow factor. Our wall mounted magnifying mirror makes your hotel room appear more graceful, spacious, and gorgeous, pleasing your guests right away! Go through our magnifying mirror ranges, choose the best-fit ones for your hotel rooms, and order online or via our distributor or supplier now.

Product Description

We provide three different types of wall mounted magnifying mirrors including Round Magnifying Mirror Wall Mounted, and Wall Mounted Brass Magnifying Mirror 5x. Each one of them is elegant, hard-wearing, and offers value for your money.
Made with high-quality brass material, our best magnifying mirror for hotels is highly durable, hard-wearing, and can withstand general wear and tear while functioning smoothly and everlastingly. The 5x and 1x magnification sides of our mirrors cater to your guests’ grooming needs efficiently!
The white and yellow LED light of our wall-mounted magnifying mirror ensures bright and enhanced visibility. With space-saving design and quality craftsmanship, these mirrors improve the look and feel of your hotel rooms.  

Product Use

With our LED magnifying mirror wall mount, you can let your guests continue their skincare, self-care, and grooming conveniently even in their hotel rooms.

Makeup: With 1x and 5x magnifying sides, your guests can take a close-up view of their face and do their make-up properly.

Shaving: With the bright LED light and magnification power, our best magnifying mirror for hotel ensures safe shaving practices for your guests, eliminating the risks of cuts.  

Self-Care: From plucking eyebrows, inserting contact lenses, and following the routine skin-care regimen, guests can handle everything smoothly because of the enhanced visibility and close-up view.  

Complement hotel room interior: The best magnifying mirror with light looks gorgeous itself and adds a luxury vibe to your home interior, leaving your guests wonderstruck!

Why Choose Us?

We at ElriBird are known as one of the leading wall mounted magnifying mirror suppliers across India. With us, you can place orders in bulk and get them at a wholesale price. Our wall-mounted LED magnifying mirrors look premium and last year after year. Our quick delivery, easy exchange facilities in case of damaged products being delivered, and high product quality make us your best choice for getting magnifying mirrors.


What magnification is ideal for hotel mirrors?

Generally, 1x and 3x magnification works well in hotel rooms. But for clarity and better makeup and grooming practice, our Wall Mounted Brass Magnifying Mirror 5x is your best-fit choice.

How to maintain the gleaming finish of wall mounted magnifying mirrors?

To keep your wall-mounted magnifying mirror intact and untouched, routine cleaning is essential. Just dab a clean cloth into fresh water and wipe up the mirror. Never use any chemical products as it can ruin the mirror.

Are wall-mounted LED magnifying mirrors worth investing in?

An LED magnifying mirror wall mount is a fantastic addition to your hotel rooms. It makes the room appear brighter, meets the grooming needs of the guests, and boosts the overall sophistication of your hotel room.

Do the wall mounted magnifying mirrors offer optimum visibility?

Our wall mounted magnifying mirrors come with 5x and 1x magnification sides. Plus, they are fitted with white LED lights, which makes them perfect for grooming and cosmetic purposes. We can guarantee that visibility will be perfect for your guests.

Which LED is better for hotel magnifying mirrors- white or yellow?

Both white and yellow LED lights suit well for hotel magnifying mirrors. While the white LED offers a modern, sleek, and clean look, the yellow ones make the hotel rooms more radiant and glowing. Thus, choose the LED tone according to your hotel interior décor.

What Should I look for when buying an LED mirror?

To pick the best wall mounted magnifying mirror for a hotel amid the vast sea of options, there are a few aspects that you need to consider. These include the size of the mirror, price, design, and portability.

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