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Invest in Electric Safe Lockers from Elribird for Your Hotel Guests

Experience peace of mind with ElriBird’s exceptional range of safe lockers as we are the most trusted and best digital safe locker supplier. Have any queries? Reach Out to Us at +91 9574764666

Explore Our Diverse Range of Digital Electric Safe Lockers

At Elribird, we take the safety of your guests very seriously. That is why, we manufacture a wide range of top-performing electric safe lockers for your hotels. Take a look at our range.

Electric Safe Locker

Black Electric Safe Locker.

Product Code: EBHS0001

Digital Electric Safe Locker.

Product Code: EBHS0002

Small Safe Locker.

Product Code: EBHS0008

Hair Dryer

Black Electric Safe Locker

With a space size of 420x370x200 mm, this sleek black electric safe locker is spacious enough to securely store your guest’s valuables by setting their access codes. This high-quality cold-rolled steel material safely withstands regular use which ensures longevity.

Digital Electric Safe Locker

Crafted from high-quality cold-rolled steel, this sleek black safe accommodates a 15-inch laptop, electronic devices, jewellery, and other valuables, offering ample storage space. As the best digital safe locker supplier, we ensure quick access to your valuables.

Small Safe Locker

This sleek and modern electric safe locker is designed with a digital keypad for easy use and a personalized security code. With a compact size and solid steel construction provide convenience and protection for personal belongings.

Product description

Elribird is the premier electric safe locker supplier in India. That is why, we manufacture only the best-quality products.

  • Our hotel safe lockers are made from cold-rolled steel to offer maximum protection.
  • Your guests can store their valuables in these digital lockers and go about their day at peace.
  • These small safe lockers are unobtrusive and classy in design.
  • In these digital safes, your customers can keep their
    • Jewellery
    • Small electronics
    • Money
    • Important documents

Product Use

The electric safe locker from Elribird is just what you need to take your hospitality to the next level.

  • These digital safes are easy to use. Your guests can operate them without your help.
  • Your guests can customise these locker combinations to ensure maximum safety.
  • These are durable, so there is no chance of breaking in easily.

Why Choose Us?

We as a premium electric Safe Locker supplier offer a statement of excellence and reliability.

Here is how we stay at the top of the game:

  • Great Quality of Products

Our electric safe lockers are made from cold-rolled steel. This makes them highly durable and impossible to break into. 

  • Variety of Choices

We boast an impressive range of electric safe lockers in our collection.

  • India-wide Delivery

We will reach you with our products on time in every corner of our vast country.

  • Affordable Items

Our digital safe lockers are made from high-quality material. But we have kept our prices pocket-friendly.   

  • Quick Delivery

We do not make you wait. Our products will reach you within the stipulated time.

  • Responsive Support

We do not leave you in the lurch once the purchase is complete. We are ready to answer all queries, all the time.



Why are safes a necessary item for hotels?

Lockers can give guests peace of mind while they are away from their rooms. They will know that their belongings are safely locked away.

What is the best size for a hotel safe?

As the best digital safe locker supplier we suggest the dimensions of 10.5 inches and a product size of 200x310x200 mm. This safe locker offers ample space for valuables.

How can I initiate an order with ElriBird?

Get in touch with our sales team. Our contact details are given on our website. We will walk you through the ordering process.

Can you help me choose the right products for my hotel?

Of course! Our experienced team of electric Safe Locker suppliers can provide expert advice and recommendations to ensure you select the most suitable electric safe locker for your hotel.

Do you deliver your electric safe locker all over India?

Yes, we do deliver our products pan-India timely with efficient service.

What is the estimated delivery time?

Our timelines depend on your location and product selection. We strive for prompt delivery and will estimate your delivery date when you place your order.

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