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Paper Dispenser In White

Capacity 300 (M & Z Fold), 450 Multifold Tissues
Operation Manual
Paper Type C Fold / M Fold
Material ABS
Color White
Category tissue dispenser
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Introducing our paper dispenser made of high-quality ABS material in White Color. This modern and stylish paper dispenser is designed to provide you with a hassle-free and convenient way to dispense paper towels in your hotel, Resort, home or office. The sleek and compact design will complement any decor while making sure you always have easy access to paper towels when you need them.


  • Durable Material: The paper dispenser is made of sturdy ABS material, ensuring it is strong enough to withstand daily use without cracking or breaking easily.
  • Convenient Design: The dispenser’s design allows you to easily pull out the paper towels with just one hand, making it perfect for busy environments where time is of the essence.
  • Compact Size: The compact size of the dispenser allows you to place it on any counter or table without taking up too much space.
  • Easy to Refill: The dispenser is designed to be easy to refill, ensuring you always have a steady supply of paper towels when you need them.
  • Modern Look: The black color of the dispenser adds a touch of modern sophistication to any room, making it an excellent addition to any home or office decor.
  • Hygienic: The paper dispenser ensures that the paper towels are kept clean and hygienic, reducing the spread of germs and bacteria.
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