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Sensor Start Shoe Polish Machine

Product Code: EBSP0003
Color: Silver
Material: Wood / SS304
Operational: Fully Automatic
Rotational Speed: 1200RPM
Voltage: AC 220 V, 50Hz
Time Protection: 15 Seconds, Auto Cut off
Polish Tank Capacity: 150 ml
Motor: 2 Motor
Dimension: 510mm X 425mm X 320mm
Usage At: Hotel, Home, office and Resorts
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Introducing the Elribird Sensor Start Shoe POlish machine- the last word in guest satisfaction. Install in your lobby and give your guests the ultimate hotel experience.

The Sensor Start Shoe Polish Machine from Elribird is a sleek and efficient device designed for effortless shoe polishing.

Its silver exterior is complemented by a sturdy build of wood and SS304 stainless steel. It comes with a high rotational speed. This ensures quick and thorough polishing.

Its low voltage requirements makes it perfect for establishments looking to minimize their carbon footprint.
Elribird’s Sensor Start Shoe Polish machine comes with a time protection feature with an auto cut-off after 15 seconds, ensuring safe and convenient operation.

With a high-capacity polish tank powered by two motors, it is a shoe polishing beast. You can cater to a large number of guests before needing to top up.

This shoe polish machine has a compact build. It can fit into a small space without clutter. Its elegant design allows it to seamlessly blend into any decor style.

The Elribird Sensor Start Shoe Polish machine is perfect for multiple setting. You can install it in your:
• Home
• Hotel
• Gym
• Airport
• Resort
• Office

Bring the Elribird Sensor Start Shoe Polish and give your guests a hotel living experience like no other.

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