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Hotel Intercom Telephone in Black

Color Black
Material ABS
Voice Mail Yes
Characteristics Auto re-dial
Usage Telephone, Workstation
Operating Temperature -10°C±40°C


As the best hotel guest room phone supplier, we are committed to bring you a range of highly functioning phones. Our clients get the option to choose from three kinds of phones available. They check the features and find the one that serves their purpose the best.

The phones are made from sturdy material so that they do not break at the slightest manhandling. Compact in size, they do not take up much room and can be kept in one corner. It can also be mounted on the wall if needed. Guests can use the phones without needing any instruction and use the redial feature to their convenience.

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Choose Your Preferred Product from the Best Hotel Phone Supplier

ElriBird knows the importance of giving guests the chance to remain connected with others. Owing to our range of different kinds of landline phones, your hotel room can make for a really convenient stay to all visitors. Trust us to provide you with nothing but premium quality phones!

Hotel Wall Mounted Telephone

This device provides guests with a smooth performance thanks to its electro-magnetic radiation property. The feature of being able to redial really helps everyone to reach out to someone quickly.

High-Quality Hotel Guest Room Landline Phone

This intercom is designed to offer nothing but optimal function. Guests can customize the flash-hook timer as per their individual needs.

Hotel Intercom Telephone in Black

This sleek device comes with a programmable memory button and can be mounted on a wall or desk. Visitors can control the volume of the speakerphone.

Our Range of Landline Phones

At ElriBird, you are bound to find the phone that your hotel needs. The right kind of device not only enables a better staying experience for guests but also contributes to your hotel reputation. Our range of phones come with several high-end features and are made to function smoothly even at the time of emergencies or high demands. Guests are sure to be pleased with how fast they connect to anyone needed. All you need to do is to browse our catalog and find the right phone for your hotel rooms.

Product Use

Our landline phones are quite useful and provide a better staying experience to all guests.

Connectivity with hotel staff –  Having a phone in the room ensures that visitors stay connected to the hotel staff and can convey their needs even during the wee hours of the night.

Communication between hotel employees – A problem occuring in one corner of the hotel can be effectively solved as hotel staff can remain connected with the help of landline phones.

– Better efficiency – Employees can work together in harmony when they are able to communicate with one another. Guests are also satisfied owing to quick service provided by the staff.

Why Choose Us

ElriBird has established a solid reputation as the one of the most reputable hotel guest room phone suppliers in India. The following are some of the reasons why you can select us for your hotel amenities:

1. Wide range of products

We have three types of phones with high functioning systems. Clients can choose as per their preference so that their guests are satisfied during their stay.

3. Brilliant quality of products

All our hotel amenities are amazing, to say the least! No matter the kind of landline phone you need, we are here to supply that to you. Our phones stand the test of time and are made from premium quality materials.

3. Pan-India delivery

Your hotel might be located in the most remote location, but trust us to get your order delivered on time. Our vast distribution network is efficient to get the phones delivered to your location all across India.

4. Affordable budget

ElriBird wants everyone to be able to afford its products. It is for this reason that we consider an average budget and price our landline phones accordingly.

5. Fast delivery

If you are in need of phones for your hotel, we can get them delivered to you the fastest. As one of the most trustworthy hotel phone suppliers, ElriBird understands the importance of time and thus does not keep its clients waiting.

6.Reliable customer service team

We are aware that you might have a lot of questions. Our customer service team is here to attend to your calls and provide you with just the right answers as quickly as possible.


1. Why should I have a phone in the hotel room?

If you want your guests to have the best staying experience, we suggest you keep a landline phone in the hotel room. Choose one from our catalog and position it in the right place for guest convenience.

2.What are the USPs of ElriBird’s phones?

We take pride in providing phones with the best features. From redialling options to being able to control the volume of speakerphones, our phones have it all and more!

3.What is the reason to keep a wall mounted phone in the toilet?

For safety reasons, many hotels have a phone in the washroom. As the best wall mounted hotel landline phones supplier, we advise you to do the same to give guests a sense of safety.

4. Do I get to choose from ElriBird’s catalog?

Absolutely. We give you the option to select the right kind of phone that would go with the overall theme of your hotel and the tone of the room.

5. Do your phones function well even in demanding situations?

Our landline phones are made of sturdy ABS material. This means that they are durable and function just as well in times of emergencies.

6. Is there any technological advancement in your phone?

ElriBird has types of landline phones that feature surface mount technology along with CPU control. This naturally paves the way for optimal performance.

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