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A high-quality hotel guestroom intercom

Color Black
Material ABS
Voice Mail Yes
Characteristics Auto re-dial
Usage Telephone, Workstation
Operating Temperature -10°C±40°C
Operating Voltage 24V~60V DC
Flash Time 100ms,300ms,600ms optional, standard 600ms
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• The device features CPU-controlled surface mount technology for optimal performance.
• It has additional functionalities such as Redial.
• The programmable memory button can store up to eight numbers, providing ease of use.
• Its high-quality product casing enhances durability and longevity.
• The device has a robust design, ensuring high reliability even under demanding conditions.
• The adjustable flash-hook timer can be customized to meet specific needs.
• The speakerphone volume control enables precise audio adjustment.
• The device can be mounted on a wall or desk, providing flexibility in usage.
• The product is highly resistant to electromagnetic radiation, ensuring uninterrupted communication.

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