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Hotel Wall Mounted Telephone

Color Black
Material ABS
Voice Mail Yes
Characteristics Auto re-dial
Operation Touch Free Infra-Red Activation
Characteristics Auto re-dial
Auto Cut Off 60 Sec
Speed 2400 RPM


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• The flash timer can be adjusted to suit your needs.
• The device has high immunity to electro-magnetic radiation, ensuring smooth performance.
• Its robust design ensures high reliability even under demanding conditions.
• The high-quality product casing enhances durability and longevity.
• The device is resistant to heat and steam, making it suitable for use in different environments.
• The ringer volume is adjustable to ensure that you never miss a call.
• The device is equipped with an auto-disconnect feature that activates when a busy tone is detected.
• The phone can be mounted on a desk or wall, providing flexibility in usage.
• The device has a redial function, allowing you to easily call the last number dialed.

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