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Stainless Steel Kettle with ABS Tray

Product Code: EBKL0007
Kettle Material: 304 Stainless Steel, Food Grade PP
Tray Material: ABS
Kettle Capacity: 1.0L
Tray Size: 35*20.4*5cm
Kettle Power Rate: 1000 -1200 W
Voltage: 220~240v
Features: Automatic Cut Off
Kettle Color: Gray Matt Finish
Tray Color: Black
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Stainless Steel Kettle with ABS Tray.

  • Elevate your hotel’s-in-room beverage service with the ElriBrid stainless steel kettle with ABS tray set. Crafted to perfection, this set combines a sleek stainless steel kettle with a functional serving tray, making it a must-have addition to your hotel supplies and amenities collection. Here’s why our product stands out:
  • Superior Material: Crafted from 304 stainless steel kettle tray set, ensuring durability and rust resistance.
  • Food Safety First: Features a food-grade PP shell, offering you peace of mind with every sip.
  • Efficient & Swift: Powering at 1000-1200W, it heats water rapidly, perfect for those rushed mornings.
  • Safety Assured: Equipped with an automatic cut-off feature, preventing overheating and ensuring safety.
  • Sleek & Stylish: Graceful gray matt finish complements any hotel room decor and adds a touch of elegance.
  • Clear Water Gauge: Never second guess! Easily monitor the water levels with the built-in gauge.
  • Versatile Power: Designed for a global audience with a power supply of 220-240v and frequency of 50/60Hz.
  • Elegant Tray Included: A chic black tray made of robust ABS material, perfect for displaying the stainless steel kettle with ABS tray set or serving guests.
  • Trusted Brand: As a renowned name in hotel supplies, ElriBrid guarantees quality and sophistication in every product.
  • Versatile Usage: Whether for hotel rooms, resorts, offices, or even home use, this stainless steel kettle with ABS tray set is a versatile and essential addition to any setting.
  • Bulk Availability: As a leading wholesaler, Manufacturer ElriBrid ensures that we can meet the demands of your hotel operations efficiently. We offer our stainless steel kettle with ABS tray set in bulk quantities, with competitive pricing to suit your budget.

Why Choose ElriBird?

  • Trusted by Premium Clients: With our commitment to quality and service, we have become a preferred choice for hotel supplies & amenities and washroom automation product in India.
  • Made for India: We understand the unique requirements of the Indian market, and our products are tailored to meet the specific needs of Indian hotels and resorts.
  • Reliable Supply: With ElriBird as your supplier, you can count on a dependable source of hotel supplies, ensuring you never run out of essential amenities.
  • Competitive Pricing: As manufacturers, wholesalers, Suppliers, and Distributors, we offer competitive prices without compromising on quality.
  • Dedicated Support: Our team is always on standby to assist with any queries or requirements, ensuring a seamless partnership with our clients.

Ready to Elevate Your In-Room Hotel Experience with an Electric Kettle and Tray?

  • Elevate your guests’ experience with the ElriBrid stainless steel kettle with ABS tray set and even check our other Electric Kettle Hotel Amenities Tray Set. Whether it’s morning tea or an evening coffee, this set ensures that every sip is an exquisite delight. With its sleek design, safety features, and durability, it’s the perfect addition to your hotel’s amenities. Don’t wait; enhance your guests’ stay with ElriBrid today!
  • Act today to place your order and provide your guests with the convenience and comfort they deserve. Trust ElriBrid for all your hotel supplies and amenities needs. Trust in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Your satisfaction is our priority, so get in touch with us today for quote to discover the perfect solution for your needs of hotel supplies & amenities and washroom automation product. – Experience the Difference With Us!


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